Breathe easy training

‘Breathe Easy’ DVD Training Package 50% off  (while stocks last!)

A health and safety training DVD programme on controlling dust in bakeries produced by The Federation of Bakers.  An essential training package for bakeries of all types and sizes.

The training package contains:

  • Trainer’s Notes
  • Training DVD (running time 20 minutes)
  • Topic Cards – for group Q&A session following the DVD.
  • Multiple choice test questions – for use at the end of the training to check learning/understanding.
  • Guidance on Dust Control and Health Surveillance in Bakeries – booklet published by the Health & Safety in Bakeries Liaison Committee in 1998 (revised by the Federation of Bakers Health & Safety Committee 2008)*
  • Contact details for further guidance and advice.

The Programme is recommended for use with groups of up to 10 people and intended to be of 1 hour’s duration.

If it has been effective, participants will have an understanding of the hazards and risks associated with dust in bakeries, what they can do to control dust and how they can protect themselves and their colleagues from ill effects.

Processes covered in the training programme:

  • Tipping and sieving ingredients
  • Weighing and dispensing ingredients
  • Mixing
  • Dusting – hand and mechanical
  • Choosing and wearing the right Personal Protective Equipment
  • Local Exhaust Ventilation – choosing, maintaining and using correctly
  • Hygiene – cleaning, clearing spillages
  • Health Surveillance

Price:  £50.00 including P&P + vat

*Note:  ‘Guidance on Dust Control and Health Surveillance in Bakeries’ is available separately and a copy can be downloaded from the website (see link on home page).

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