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The Slice of Life campaign has been created by The Federation of Bakers and the Flour Advisory Bureau, to help remind people of the benefits of eating bread and dispel common bread myths.

Bread is regularly the first food that is excluded when dieting despite its nutritional benefits, and has been unfairly demonised by fad diets. However, none of the popular slimming clubs advocate cutting out bread altogether and evidence from the National Diet and Nutrition Survey even suggests that people who regularly eat bread, are more likely to have a healthy diet overall [1].

Since 2013, The Slice of Life campaign has partnered up with parks, created toast soldier boots, launched a range of bread inspired active-wear to power your gym workouts, worked alongside celebrity faces, and even made an appearance at London Fashion Week (twice)!

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For more information or images from any of the activities within the Slice of Life campaign or any questions whatsoever, please contact the Slice of Life Press Office on 020 7025 6427 or email

[1] Bread consumption in the British Population: analysis of the National Diet and Nutrition Surveys (Young People 4-18 Years 1997 and Adults 19-64 Years 2000-1). A summary report prepared by Steer, Thane, Stephen and Jebb, MRC HNR for nabim in June 2007


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