CSR in the baking industry

The bakery industry is one of the largest sectors of the food and drink manufacturing industry with over 50 large plant bakeries in the UK and Northern Ireland.

The bread and bakery sector employs over 80,000 people.

The Federation of Bakers continues to drive a better understanding of the UK’s plant bread industry as a major player in the food manufacturing sector.

As part of the Federation’s work it has considered a range of key CSR issues looking at the economic value of the bakery sector, sustainability, food miles, packaging and recycling, water usage and carbon footprint reduction.

This has resulted in a series of information sheets which are available to download:

FS4 Distribution Fact Sheet – 03-18

FOB Statement on Carbon Footprint Reduction

FOB Statement on CSR in the UK Bakery Sector 04-21

FOB Statement on Water Usage 04-21

Sustainable Palm Oil Statement 04-21


Location map of UK plant bakeries and distribution centres

The map below shows the location of all of the UK’s large plant bakeries. Use the key on the right to locate production sites, head offices and distribution centres.


Head Offices Red Square
Production Sites Blue Square
Distribution Centres Green Square

FOB Members’ CSR Commitment

The Federation of Bakers’ members have confirmed:

  • Members are committed to operating their businesses in an ethical manner and contributing to sustainable economic development.
  • Members are committed to improving the health and wellbeing of their workforce by being a good employer, offering a safe working environment and giving them opportunities for learning and development.
  • Members produce a wide range of bakery products with clear nutrition information to help consumers make informed, healthy choices.
  • Members invest in a range of local and charitable initiatives to ensure a positive impact on the local communities where their bakeries are located.