Representing the UK Bread Industry

Who we are

Federation of Bakers Limited (FoB) is the trade association representing the UK Bread and Bakery industry.  We deliver professional services to our members in the form of advice and leadership in areas including technical matters, health & safety and sustainability in our representational role engaging government and in promoting the consumption of bread and defending its position as an important part of a healthy balanced diet through our PR work.

Who we represent

We represent the UK’s largest bakery companies who produce sliced and wrapped bread, baked (morning goods) and other bread products.

FoB has 10 member companies running 31 large scale bakeries located across the UK and Northern Ireland delivering fresh bread daily to local supermarkets, convenience stores and other retail outlets.  We also have 31 Associate Members who are all suppliers to the bakery industry.

About the industry

The UK’s bread and bakery sector is worth £5 billion at retail sales value.  The sector employs over 80,000 people and supply the majority of the nation’s bread, around 80% of the bread and bakery products consumed in the UK.  That’s the equivalent of over 11 million loaves and bakery packs sold every single day.

Find out more

On our website you will find key information you need to know about the UK bread industry.

Bread is a valuable, versatile and nutritious food providing many key nutrients to the UK diet including fibre, calcium, iron, vitamins and minerals including thiamine and niacin.  Bread provides more of these key nutrients per penny than any other food.

Take a look at our media hub for lots of useful information about bread and its important role in a healthy and balanced diet.