Market snapshot

  • The UK Bakery market is worth almost £5 billion.
  • Bread is one of the nation’s favourite staple foods and is purchased by 99% of households in the UK.
  • Over 4.1 billion bakery units of which 2.7bn are wrapped bakery are sold each year.
  • The average UK household buys just over 80 loaves per year and spends an average of £54.41.
  • The three main bread manufacturers in the UK (Allied Bakeries, Hovis and Warburtons) account for almost 75% of wrapped bread.
  • Plant manufactured products account for around three-quarters of all bakery products sold in the UK.
  • White bread is UK consumers’ favourite choice and accounts for 71% of total bread consumption in the UK. Brown and wholemeal accounts for 22% and other bread 7% of the total bread market.